Nagami Gloria — 2nd Runner Up of Cohort Best Performers

‘The Best Performer’ series features thoughts and advice from alumni and best performers of Cohort One. This is Nagami Gloria from Uganda, second runner-up of the Best Performers of Cohort One.

“When I heard I was the second runner-up of cohort one best performers, I felt honoured, happy and excited because all the hard work I had put in had finally paid off. I felt fulfilled, proud of myself and my mentor for the accomplishment. I was awarded a six months’ fellowship with the Center for Strategic Litigation (CSL) at the end of the program.

The fellowship is definitely a push in the right direction for my career. Just in the first month of the fellowship, I have learnt a lot especially on Project Planning and Management, which is a very critical area for any project. I am still developing and sharpening my research skills, report writing and relating professionally with colleagues at CSL. I am also learning how to be more accountable professionally, to myself and colleagues.

The fellowship is opening up possibilities and opportunities for me to work regionally and engage at the regional level with other professionals interested in Public Interest Litigation.

To the fellows of cohort 2, I would say — take the practicum and the entire fellowship seriously. Your next career opportunity may lie in the way you emerge from the fellowship. Engage with your mentors constantly, they know a whole lot about PIL and may also learn a thing or two from you too. Communicate any milestones and challenges you are facing throughout the practicum. Don’t forget to take a break and relax. Do something you enjoy.

Submit all the deliverables on time (this is part of the assessment). You are a PIL fellow, strategically think about your case that you might file at the end of the practicum and its impact in your country and regionally.

The EAEPIAP is a first program of its kind in the region which will leave a lasting impact on our community and PIL. It is also an opportunity for young advocates to interact with seasoned PIL advocates in the region and prominent professors, former chief justices, current judges and activists. I have not seen anything of its kind in the region before. I am proud to have been in the pioneer cohort.

The program has also created lasting professional relationships with my colleagues from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and also with my mentor. These are being used to advance my career as a young PIL advocate.

I am not going to lie, it will not always be a smooth ride, you have to put in extra effort to emerge among the best. I wish all fellows much success in their different projects they are pursuing during the practicum.”

Training the next cadre of Public Interest Advocates across the East African region. Briefly put — lawyering for the greater good!