Arthur Nsereko, Head of Network of Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL) — Uganda

With passion you can bring to life anything you dream of. You are the master of your creation, so do not stop at anything to ensure everybody sees what you see. Breathe life into your project case, your career path and your destiny — Arthur Nsereko, Head of Network of Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL) — Uganda.

Arthur Nsereko

Arthur Nsereko is the head of Network of Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL) in Uganda. His engagement in the East Africa Emerging Public Interest Advocates Programme is more centered on providing mentorship to fellows during the practicum phase of the training.

Arthur and fellows of Cohort 1 during the Closing Seminars in January 2021

Arthur is of the view that the training programme, presents yet another opportunity for the young and budding public interest lawyers to have a more structured and focused capacity building on PIL. The program tests the resolve of the young fellows, but also offers a platform for federation in legal practice at the East African Community. The in-depth exploration of public interest litigation is a rare aspect of continuing legal education for the lawyers.

And for the practicum phase of the training, Arthur feels it presents new challenges and opportunities. These are such as a new face for a mentee, a new subject area to explore, different workplace dynamics, and of course a second wave and forced country lockdown courtesy of COVID-19 are a test of both the Mentor & Mentee’s resolve.

The project case has also been a learning place for me as the Mentor as together with my Fellow, Carol Kay we delve into the rights of older persons.

Training the next cadre of Public Interest Advocates across the East African region. Briefly put — lawyering for the greater good!