Meet The Fellow


Meet Leah Aoko from Kenya.

Leah is currently hosted at Kituo cha Sheria, and she shares that the experience does not compare to any other because of the level of exposure that she has had in working on public interest law projects, which has been eye-opening and highly informative.

For her project, Leah is working on access to public and private services for refugees in Kenya. Leah’s motivation stems from having a friend who has refugee status. Because of this friendship, Leah knows all too well the socio-economic challenges that refugees face and decided that she will do something about it to help improve refugees’ livelihood. Leah’s focus is on advocating against sexual and gender based violence in refugee communities. In the bigger picture, Leah also intends to write a book on refugees in Kenya, as a study-guide for students in schools.

Other than the legal, Leah’s other superpower is her intuitiveness. She says that her dreams come true — literally!

We wish Leah the best of luck and prosperous dreams coming true. #MeetTheFellowWednesday #EAEPIAPcohort3



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